The Grab Bag Masks Story


Professional seamstress Courtney Wyckoff and her husband, filmmaker and photographer Micahl Wyckoff, found themselves like many other Americans during the COVID-19 pandemic, out of work and wondering what to do. Micahl’s business had all but disappeared when the world shut down. Courtney’s company quickly went the same direction.

With pennies in the bank, an obvious demand for masks, and a house full of thousands of yards of fabric, the Wyckoffs made a quick pivot. Utilizing Micahl’s experience in content creation & digital marketing, and Courtney’s experience in textiles manufacturing, the Wyckoffs set up Grab Bag Masks with a simple mission in mind: To make high-quality face masks to help slow the spread of COVID-19 and help the world get back on track.



More importantly, Grab Bag Masks was started to help some of Courtney and Micahl’s closest friends survive in such an unprecedented world, learn a new skill, and help save the world….all while making masks in a bar.

In a matter of weeks, what was a simple operation out of their house producing 50 masks a day grew to a company hiring over 15 people and producing 1000 masks a day. Needing space to expand and produce in volume, Sean and Olivia Blair of the Maple Leaf Pub were willing and ready to help. Overnight their shutter bar was transformed into a full force mask factory.



After operating at full capacity for over a month and as bars and restaurants began opening up in Houston, the mask makers moved from their temporary bar home into a more permanent location a block away from Houston’s notorious Washington Ave. The remainder of the story has yet to be written as we, along with the remainder of the world, await what may come. We will continue operations until our services are no longer necessary.