America's Great Again Mask

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Ok, so change doesn't happen overnight, but this is a good first step to getting us back on track...but there is a TON of work to do. So, for every one of these hastily designed (as to match the inspiration) masks you purchase to crank your smug up to 11, we will make a donation to some group that does dumb stuff liberals are fighting know, equality for all, women's rights, voting rights, all that dumb "liberal-minded" stuff. 

These masks are 100% adjustable, fresh and ready to keep you and your loved ones covered. Our masks are made with 3 layers - two layers of tight weave 100% Cotton, and one inner layer of polyester filter for added coverage. Celebrate America's future in style while doing your part to keep our communities safe. 


  • 100% cotton tight weave face covering with built in cotton filter
  • Non-medical grade masks designed per CDC recommendations
  • Adjustable ties for around the neck and/or ear
  • Wash before and after each use. Machine wash hot; tumble dry hot.
  • Masks should fit snugly across your face covering your nose and mouth and stretched over your chin.

Wash Instructions:

  • Wash before and after each use.
  • Machine wash hot; tumble dry hot.
  • For Best Results and less tangling - wash your masks in one of our signature Grab Bag Mask Laundry Bags


BE ADVISED Grab Bag Masks are not medical-grade and were not designed to be a replacement for medical-grade equipment. It is important to practice Social Distancing, regular Hand Washing, & avoid touching your face, even when wearing a mask.